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The ancient Rishis were of simple-living whereas present gurus have long-long so many cars, assets, luxuries, etc., etc.Most of the present gurus say that money is nothing etc., etc. These mostly say that family is nothing and gathers all the families.Our leaders and most of the gurus do worship but no peace, no justice, no brotherhood, no respect of women, etc., etc. Swami Ramswarup: When our views are spread unnecessarily it produces mental disturbances and health also.So please be careful to find a real guru and beware of false prophets. I was among the competent students but for last two years I am facing absent mindedness, lack of concentration, laziness and tiredness of mentality. A student is to concentrate only n study and health, being his moral duty.Swami Ramswarup: Bhim had Ghtothkach from Hidimba, the only son. But this is history and we must remember it to make alive the culture to maintain the only good task in present life.Otherwise we must always recite and remember the holy name of God for getting peace. What do one need to know when seeking a living Guru? The eternal culture of the universe are four Vedas the knowledge of which is generated in the heart of four Rishis by God himself.Soul thus does not eat, does want home, clothes etc., soul is away from all these requirements because all worldly requirements are meant for only body.Soul is hungry only to listen pious preach about God.

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Whereas, I am working in such a place that morning would not be possible, (I can do mentally without proper asana or sitting) as everybody sleeping in the same room upto 8am, which I do not find privacy rather I do not like to chant in that area.On the other hand the articles also help to donate and serve the human being to realise God and to get peace.So colours are also attractive, the world is also an attraction but we have to make the same for the best. Anu: How many sons of Bhim's & Arjun's and what are their names?The whole duties are to be discharged faithfully but these are discharged only to worship God. If body is maintained then the soul resides happily in the body and can continue real worship to realise God, which is our only motto.So to maintain the body we earn and must earn to wear clothes, to eat food, to live in house etc., etc.

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