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As of now, Alex Riley is single and is not married in the public eye.At 36 years of age, he doesn’t have a wife which certainly raises some questions about his sexuality.The knot in the Bow Tie represents education, which is really the core of everything Bow Tie Cause stands for.Each corner also stands for something: self-representation, service, collaboration, and critical thought. I truly believe in what he’s taught me about the power of the Bow Tie and how its story relates back to who you are and what you care about most.Riley held his head high during his nine years association with the company winning some significant titles.

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He attended a nearby Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax and later attended Boston College and earned a degree in communications.In November 2013, Riley attended the NFL game with a mysterious lady.Reports claimed that the mysterious lady was his girlfriend.Our goal is to give SU2C supporters a way to talk about why it’s important to support cancer research and tell others how cancer has touched them.Rocking the Bow Tie means that you are choosing to support something that is greater than you.

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