Iran hot chat

Here are the dominant messaging apps by country (For the sake of this post we will also add Turkey to this list): Telegram Right up to 2015, Viber was the dominant messaging app used for text messaging and cellular calling in Iran.A wave of negative opinions rose against Viber regarding the countrie’s data security.Soon more server conflicts appeared which caused Viber users to switch their daily text messaging app to Whats App, Line and later Telegram.

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Whatsapp is still the most popular messaging app used in most countries in the region and Telegram is the dominant app in Iran and Iraq in terms of popularity and number of users.Line is also another app that is widely used and Imo has become popular for internet calling lately.Whats App A similar pattern can be seen between these countries when it comes to using messaging apps.Nonetheless Whatsapp is still the dominating app in the text messaging department.The country is also very famous for its very high internet penetration rate, which makes snapchat the second most popular messaging/social media app in the country.

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