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Racial harassment is that happens to you because of your race, color, or national origin, such as verbal or physical conduct of a racial nature.Racial harassment in the workplace is unlawful when 1) enduring the offensive conduct becomes a condition of continued employment, or 2) when the conduct is severe or pervasive enough to create a work environment that a person would consider intimidating, hostile or abusive.Be as specific as possible: write down dates, places, times, and possible witnesses to what happened.If possible, ask coworkers also to write down what they saw or heard, especially if the same thing is happening to them too.Don't engage in racial banter or joke back in response, or otherwise, send mixed signals.Direct communication, whether verbal or in writing, is better than ignoring the behavior and hoping it will go away.

Do not keep the record at work, but at home or in some other safe place where you will have access to it in case something suddenly happens at work. A harasser may try to defend him or herself by attacking your job performance.Tell your supervisor, your human resources department or some other department or person within your company who has the power to stop the harassment.It is best to notify them in writing and to keep a copy of any written complaint you make to your employer. This creates a written record of when you complained and what happened in response to it.Some examples of conduct that may be racial harassment include: Verbal or written conduct: Jokes; innuendos; slurs; name-calling; comments about clothing, personal behavior, or your body; racial or race-based jokes; telling rumors about your personal life; threatening you; organized hate activity directed at employees Physical conduct: Rape or assault; impeding or blocking your movement; inappropriate touching of your body or clothing; Nonverbal conduct: Derogatory gestures or facial expressions of a racial nature; following or stalking you; malicious interference with work performance.Visual displays: Posters, drawings, pictures, screensavers or e-mails of a racial nature; epithets scrawled on the employer's property; hangman's nooses, Nazi swastikas, or other items understood to have racial significance back to top 5.

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