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Also my Google Home no matter what always disconnects from the Wi Fi I have my Cortana speaker in the same exact spot and haven’t had a issue yet!

I don’t think I even need to talk about the speaker on this one, this is we’re Microsoft got a thumbs up from me.

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Cortana sounds great, and the animation on the top is a wonderful touch. When setting it up, it's helpful to have the Cortana app open on your phone first, then plug in the Invoke - Cortana will actually say the command that then gets the setup rolling. A surprise is how integrated it is with the Android app and the Windows 10 app.

Cons: Skype setup was slow and didn't work right away in my situation.

So far my expirence with the Cortana activated speaker has been a positive experience! I find that controlling my homes light with Smart Things is much easier with Cortana then Google Home.

I attempted to set it up on my Lumia 950xl and it crashed multiple times with the phone app. (Note to self by a wireless USB for my desk top) Since then I'm mesmerized by it - wonderful sound, MIC's pick up voice clear across the room. The only downer is she needs more application support!

Would be nice if she were synced with Windows Media Center and had the capability to play music off your network or cloud drives.

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