Gay dating recovery

Galloway’s parents were, like most everybody else in town, devout Christians. What if they were the “people being gay is going to destroy us all” extreme?

Maybe it wouldn’t be a total shock, he reassured himself.

Furious bicycle riding (on the premise that homosexuality was rooted in nervous exhaustion).In middle school, Curtis Galloway was a little heavy, he was in the gifted art class, he had odd hobbies (he’d started a ghost-hunting club), and he was in band.Then it got even better: The other guys in his class started talking about girls.He’d left the organization with another co-founder, Gary Cooper, and they’d divorced their wives to be together.“In the almost 40 years since I started Exodus International,” Bussee wrote recently for #Born Perfect, “I can honestly say that I have never met a gay person who became heterosexual through conversion therapy or ex-gay programs.” The counselor was in another town, and Galloway and his parents made the long, strained drive in their minivan. Galloway sat in the waiting room, surrounded by Christian pamphlets, and tried to breathe evenly.

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