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You’re a disgusting unethical money hungry company. Reply Your gym in naplea Florida needs some serious attention and new management.

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I hope you will show some concern regarding your members and their safety. This message is for management or someone who WILL make changes to the Bulverde Road location in San Antonio, TX please. I’m in medical/lipo sales and have been in sales all my 20 working years.Smoothie shop with protein bars was always open with someone there to serve with a smile, during club hours. It’s also critical to have kept up treadmills and belts. This makes for a very uncomfortable run and it’s hard on the body.The music was popping just loud enough, where you felt the energy & desire to work out! A runner is better off running outside, where they get some wind at least, at this point. Sincerely, Verenia Ohanian Reply Attached are photos of the constant lack of concern on the part of the members and the la fitness employees and management.In 2000, the company acquired one of the largest fitness chains in Atlanta and converted 25 locations into 14 larger gyms.In 2007, the company expanded into Canada by acquiring 7 gyms in Toronto.

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