Evemon not updating queue

Upgrade Episode File(Episode File episode File, Local Episode local Episode, Boolean copy Only) in m:\Build Agent\workc3239faf2b92630\src\Nzb Drone. Also please enable trace logging and send those over as well, so we can take a look at them. Core\Media Files\Episode Import\Import Approved Episodes.cs:line 89 something very odd is going on and my analsyis above was wrong…will correct shortly… anyways check for completed downloads last ran 2 days ago and is currently in progress according to the spinning force execution icon @ron30 @dgcurtis If/when you see it happen again please zip up the database and PM me a link to download it (dropbox/google drive/etc).In addition to the above, Unallocated Skillpoints can be used to directly add skill points to a skill, to the point of immediate completion if enough unallocated skill points are available.

edit the category ‘tv-sonarr’ is being instanced correctly in utorrent…so sonarr shouldnt have trouble identifying its downloads. Move(String source File Name, String dest File Name) at Nzb Drone. Those shows which remain uncopied to media folders have no corresponding error in logs… Those shows which have been copied to media folders have this error below… Note- The date stamp in the log does not match the datestamp of the sonnarr host pc but do match the date stamps of the shows successfully copied to media folders… 15-5-25 .3|Warn|Import Approved Episodes|Couldn't import episode D:\Downloaded\showname.

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