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She sent us the recipe on her way back to Canada, lamenting she had not stocked up on “Essentials” before leaving. MCT oil was initially used to help treat diseases such as cystic fibrosis, obesity, and fat malabsorption.More recently, athletes, bodybuilders, and diet gurus have jumped on the MCT bandwagon, embracing its fat-burning and energy-sustaining powers.Today, those same spices that inspired such bold adventure are attracting equal exploration for the wellbeing they are able to offer Mankind.Just scan through the Pub Med database (the world’s leading repository of medical research) on the Internet and you will find thousands of research papers on the Big 4: turmeric, cayenne, ginger and cinnamon – we call them the Super Spices …

But now there’s a quick and easy way – that’s 100% natural – to get rid of these “nasties” in store-bought produce … It contains no artificial dyes, fragrances, preservatives, petroleum-derived ingredients or harmful chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia and triclosan, so it is safe for people and animals of all ages – and for our planet.

Click here for more info on the drink that’s catching on like wildfire amongst performers, athletes and business execs.

When MCTs are absorbed into the blood stream, they bypass the normal digestion process that fats go through and are instead metabolised immediately by the liver for energy, so they won’t be stored in the fat cells.

Formulated to provide vegans (and anyone else) with a nutrient-dense quick drink or smoothie blend, “Essentials” uniquely combines high-quality plant protein with a combo of superfoods, pre-biotics and fibre.

We’ve formulated “Essentials” around our flagship Raw Vegan Protein, made from wholegrain, sprouted brown rice, an 80% protein concentrate produced by fermentation/enzyme activity, using no heat or chemicals to ensure excellent We are firm believers that the key to unlocking good health is your breakfast smoothie.

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