East russia belarus dating

Polish culture, with its numerous holidays, festive traditions, colorful folk costumes, and charming handicrafts, makes Poland even more attractive as a travel destination.Dubrovnik is Croatia's most famous destination city, its walled old town encapsulating the best of seaside life and the prosperity of medieval Dalmatia.Budapest's 19th-century grandeur makes it one of Eastern Europe's top romantic cities.Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture drips with details - Hungary's parliament building is one example of Hungary's symbolic architecture.

Many know Slovenia for its natural wonders; caves, mountains, and lakes in this Eastern European country are big attractions.Even less officious buildings, like the Great Market Hall, glow with the beauty of past centuries.Beyond Budapest, Hungary's destinations include Pecs, famous for its Roman archaeological sites, and Lake Balaton, Hungary's most popular resort area.We can acknowledge that some countries, like Poland and the Czech Republic, are more "central," and, if we want to be specific about their location, can refer to them as a part of East Central Europe.The Baltics, populated by people ethnically different from the rest of Eastern Europe, can also be grouped accordingly.

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