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These would have left the woman pigeon-chested with misshapen limbs - all characteristic of the disease.

Analysis of the layers of dentine laid down in the woman's teeth during childhood enabled the team to uncover details about her life history, particularly her diet, between the ages of three and fourteen.

Dr Janet Montgomery from Durham University says: "Malnutrition or illness as a child, lack of sunlight growing up, deformity and disability as an adult and finally a burial without the usual rites afforded during Neolithic times, seem to be the sad life history of this woman, based on our study of original documents from the excavation and analysis of the skeleton itself.

"While there are many questions left unanswered, particularly because the other skeletons from the burial site aren't available for detailed analysis and Neolithic burials are only rarely excavated elsewhere in the Hebrides, we can only speculate as to why a disease linked to urban deprivation emerged so early in a farming community.

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We'd prefer that daters be selective from the start of their dating careers and only say "Yes" to suggestions that seem to be in the ballpark.God made a match for everyone -- rich or poor, short or tall.Myth #3 – If there were more social events, I would have been married a long time ago.Rickets has been identified in a Neolithic skeleton from the Scottish island of Tiree, making it the earliest case of the disease in the United Kingdom.The nature of the grave itself - a simple burial rather than a chambered tomb - has raised questions as to how the woman, physically deformed by the disease, may have been treated by her community.

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