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Part of it is due to the stories behind these weapons and because a well-made firearm can last centuries.

Discovering the history of your Winchester can be an easy, straightforward process that will enhance the enjoyment of ownership. You should be able to identify the make, caliber and type of firearm.

** PARTS CLEAN UP Recommended books on this subject The Winchester Book by George Madis Winchester Slide Actions by Ned Schwing Copyright© 2004 Jim Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns. Jim I believe that you should see something on your screen now that says "rate the expert" or words to that effect - If you would complete that positive rating, that will close the question and allow me to move on to assist others.....thanks!The website has a handy database for Winchester arms including lever-action rifles such as Model 1873, slide-action models such as the Model 61, bolt action rifles such as the Model 70, semi-automatics and shotguns.Simply click on the model number of your firearm and enter the serial number. The Cody Firearm Museum, part of the non-profit Buffalo Bill Historical Center, can provide you with a detailed record of your Winchester firearm for fees ranging from to 0 as of July 2010.

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