Dating vintage butterick patterns student speed dating london

In the 1930's to the early 1940's the Butterick logo was across the whole top of the pattern or in script print anywhere on the pattern.

During the mid 1940's the logo was placed in a black box and in the late 1940's the logo was fixed in the left hand corner.

During WW2 Hollywood patterns had a star in the upper left hand corner.

and they also had patterns from the 1930's with four stars below the logo on the left hand side.

Mc Call did print their copyright dates on their patterns it's just a matter of finding them because Dates printed on envelope they were printed in various location.

So I know this is a sticky topic because unless you've actually seen the year printed on the pattern you might not trust what others tell you.

Well I completely understand that aspect because it drives me bonkers not being able to figure a year out but I have also noticed that any website I go to never gives an overly clear picture of multiple pattern companies.

In the late 1940's the type face was changed from a script font.

From various Advance pattern booklets Butterick also didn't print the copyright of their patterns anywhere on the pattern.

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