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You too can be the next client to be engaged and married to a lovely Russian lady! One question we get in our counseling of perspective clients is "why would a lovely, highly educated, family-oriented and classy Russian lady want to seek a foreign husband"?Well, a good and loving man is considered gold in Russia.People used to pessimistic about internet dating at the outset of it, however, things have changed for better.This is the reason, at our present time, a huge chunk of single individuals shifting their focus to online dating web services to find out their heart throb.We are averaging from 1-3 engagements or marriages per month resulting from correspondence and our client visits to Togliatti, Russia.Also, we have had 100% success in our engaged clients obtaining Fiance Visas for their ladies to travel the client's home country for marriage. has recently been featured on National Geographic TV, BBC Network and NETFLIX to name a few.Become a member of CONNECTING CHRISTIANS a highly successful one-on-one Introduction / Dating Service.Our website warmly invites you to complete the user-friendly Membership form which is located under the sub heading Membership Fees/Form Connecting Christians is a non-denominational organization with the express purpose of reaching out exclusively to all unattached Committed (born-again) Christians - i.e.

To get started you need to register under "New Users" and costs are .50 for lady's profile purchases, e-mails are .50 and translations by my professional staff are 2 cents per word (US$). A Volga Girls was rated best in Russia and Kiev Connections best in Ukraine for their matchmaking services. Parchomenko found these agencies to meet the following essential criteria: excellent customer service, stringent scammer protection, an established company history of more than a decade, and numerous positive testimonials with the names and photos of former clients.These ladies are mostly college graduates working in professional careers who are honest and sincere.Approximately 85% of our profiled ladies live within minutes of our "sister office" located within the central Russian city of Togliatti (600 miles southeast and a 90-minute jet flight from Moscow) and the rest live within a 3 hour radius.What makes Connecting Christians unique and stand out from the many hundreds of Internet dating sites?" It is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen.

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    Some further argue that protecting the freedom to speak and act publicly on the basis of a religious belief that marriage is the union of a man and woman amounts to the kind of laws that enforced race-based segregation. Whatever one believes about marriage and however government defines it, there is no compelling state interest in forcing every citizen to treat a same-sex relationship as a marriage when this would violate their religious or other conscientious beliefs.

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    We use phone and Facebook verification to make sure you only interact with real humans and we guarantee none of your data is ever sold to third parties.