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This type of jewellery will enable easy cleaning of the piercing as it has no irregular edges or joins in the ring that can be rotated accidentally through the piercing.

Any irregular surface on your jewellery can carry bacteria or aggravate the piercing when the jewellery is rotated during cleaning.

Your own urine is sterile to your body so don't worry if you have to urinate just after you have cleaned the piercing, it may actually be beneficial (to urinate after cleaning) as it will help rinse away any aftercare solution that may be still in the urethra.

Prince Albert Jewellery The most popular jewellery for the new Prince Albert Piercing is the Surgical Steel Circular Barbell.

It is also done off to one side of the centre web of skin.

Some people have had two Prince Albert piercings, but this may cause pinching of the skin between the piercings during sex, if both rings are left in place during sex.

Thicker CBR jewellery is also safer as the ring will be much stiffer and will reduce the chance of the ring flexing and losing the bead. This type of jewellery has two balls on it, one of these balls is usually fixed and the other can be unscrewed for installation and firmly tighten to avoid the risk of the jewellery coming apart during sex.

History behind the Prince Albert Piercing The Prince Albert Piercing , also known in the Victorian days as a "Dressing Ring", was apparently designed to strap the penis tightly against the leg to minimize the bulge caused by the penis when wearing the very tight trousers which were fashionable at that time.

As the rumor goes, Prince Albert wore one of these "Dressing Rings" to hold back his foreskin so to keep his member sweet-smelling so as not to offend the Queen.

Healing Time The healing time for the Prince Albert Piercing varies between people but is usually around 4-6 weeks, however they will take some extra time to "toughen up".

Be gently with your new piercing, keep it clean and if you choose to have sex with it in place make sure that the jewellery is sturdy enough to cope with it and be sure to wear a condom to avoid infections.

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