Dating old enamel coffee pots

I knew this to be incorrect but not being a subject matter expert on early cookware, I decided to research the development of enamelware and facts of early cookware.

While I merely desired to know one general era of period cookware, I found myself intrigued on the over-all history as man’s movement from a primitive state to modern civilization and how to titillate his appetite that develop the tools we have come to use.

Early cast iron was brittle requiring the casting to be thicker creating it to be extra heavy and much longer to heat.

By 1400 AD, Cauldrons were developed which allowed for the making of great stews, soups or boiling.

Some of these methods still used in more primitive regions or less inhabited environment.

Earthenware is often preferred as cookware among the less well-off because of its low cost affordability.

Though the lack of archaeological evidence makes understanding tools used prior to pottery difficult, though it can some what be understood through the developmental study of civilized cultural.

Stone Age man learned the earliest methods for cooking meals.

The development of bronze and iron metalwork skills allowed for the manufacturing of metal cookware.

However, growth of metal cookware was slow due to the higher product cost, and low demand due to its affordability.

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