Dating hiv poz

It's the idea that you can’t touch them or show any kind of intimacy, otherwise you’ll also become infected with the virus (and we'll all turn into zombies).

You cannot run away from HIV by segregating yourself from poz people.

Instead, these types of questions are an attempt to make an HIV-positive person feel like they need to sequester themselves in a shelter and never come out except to water the plants or get the newspaper.

Plus, it suggests that only the HIV-positive person is responsible for preventing HIV transmission.

He’s probably learned through trial and error how long it takes someone to get to know him without his status getting in the way. A person can transmit HIV, but it's the virus that causes the infections.

If you’re offended he didn’t share his status in the first three messages, ask yourself what you haven't disclosed to him. Because HIV can have a long dormancy period, many HIV-positive people do not know exactly when they were exposed.

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