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" I asked him, thinking our resemblance was pretty obvious."You're sisters? When Tony returned, he asked what he had missed, and Brian filled him on how we were related."Wait," Tony said, dead serious, "You're sisters?

Though a gender gap most certainly remains, there are many, many more women in positions of leadership, who do not back down from challenges, who compete in many of the same fields as men, and who work side by side with men.In both cases, this may be due to the allure of the possibilities that come with mixing ages, interests and backgrounds.Many women who have reached an above-average level of success in their careers grew up in a time when there weren’t that many women in positions of great leadership or authority." (only Tony, and only 1/8th—but she didn't hold that against him.)As we listened to the guys tell funny stories from their college days, I felt more like I had a front row seat to a sketch comedy than the reality that I was here on a blind Grouper date.As we started to like them more and more, my mom felt increasingly guilty that we were still lying to them about what was really going on here, and she made me spill the beans.

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