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In other parts of the city, close to no females cover up.

My lack of veil is an eye-catcher on the metro, even on the women’s compartment.

Despite not following the khulu procedure, Saber still had to forfeit some of her financial rights in order to speed up the process and protect her five-year-old son from the turmoil of an even lengthier divorce case.

The past 10 months of my life have been the most challenging ones so far.

Saber says she has about 20 collaborators, but that their Egyptian audience is in the thousands, with others tuning in from as far afield as Morocco and Lebanon.

With men being the superior gender in all aspects of life, Egyptian women often face suppression, violence and injustice.The upper class, however, is a tiny fraction of the population. Another social class is exposed on the Cairo metro, where two “female-only” compartments protect already heavily dressed women with head scarfs from the stares of men. Nobody in Egypt is required to wear a head scarf, yet the number circulating in society is that 90 percent do so.On the Cairo metro, the daily mode of transportation for over 4 million Egyptians, the number is much higher."They have exploited this law to further their personal interests, and the family pays the price. Women have become rebellious." Saber, who works in the administrative department of a university, is well aware of the heavy price that divorced Egyptian women must pay for gaining their freedom.She says it is impossible to speak to a colleague on the street without immediately being suspected of having a relationship with him.

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