Dating beanie babies

The inside right contains the Beanies name with the style number and TO/FROM following.However, not all 2nd generation tags have the TO/FROM section!"Hand made in China" or "Hand made in Korea" were also places at the bottom.Back Side Changes: At the top it now has a warning to remove the tag before giving to a child to play with.There are 121 Beanie Babies that can have 4th generation Swing tags!

The back of these 2nd generation tags contain a bar code and the words "Retain Tag For Reference." Some 2nd generation tags have the word "Handmade in China" covered up with a sticker that reads, "Handmade in Korea." These tags only came on Beanies with 1st generation tush tags from 1993. There are only 46 Beanie Baby styles with this generation of tags!

The inside of the tags looked much like the 2nd generation.

A trademark symbol was added, and three of Ty's corporate addresses were added to the inside left.

Ty had thought he would have no problem getting the domain com, however for legal reason (someone else owned it) he was not able to get the domain by the time the Beanies came out with the website printed on it!

looks just like the 4th except now a 'TM' was added after 'Collection' in "The Beanie Babies Collection.".

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