Daniela ruah dating 2016

Future episodes will explore "navigating a relationship with just the lack of communication skills these two characters have, and their struggle to kind of make anything work," Olsen teases.That includes (spoiler alert) the couple's first argument, in the episode airing Feb. But even Olsen and Ruah admit they're not certain about where the relationship is heading."I don't get the scripts until a couple weeks before you guys see them on TV, so I'm just as emotionally invested in this relationship and where it's going as the audience is," Olsen admits.While there are many sexy Daniela Ruah photos, these are the hottest around.Daniela Ruah's measurements and bra size are 35-26-36 inches (89-66-91 cm and 32C).these may not be pics of Daniela Ruah naked, Daniela Ruah nudes, or even pics of Daniela Ruah topless, but these pics are the next best thing including images from the Daniela Ruah Maxim spread, and Daniela Ruah bikini pics."Everybody's kind of waiting to see if our work is jeopardized by the success of the relationship," Olsen told during a recent set visit."Now you have two characters that are obviously meant to be together, together under the most dynamic and terrifying of circumstances.This is, after all, still a police procedural."They have to keep it serious and professional at work," Ruah notes."There's not a great, if any, distinction in the scenes that we did prior to dating officially to post-dating officially.

"We make decisions based on being a good agent," Olsen continues.

"I think eventually the team's going to have to know what's going on between Kensi and Deeks," Ruah tells

"I don't think it'll be a surprise for any one of the other characters, especially not Hetty.

"I think she'll almost go the opposite side of the pendulum.

Instead of giggling and whatever when nobody's looking, I think she's probably going to almost keep her distance more. My husband would talk to me less on set when we started dating than he did before we were dating.

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