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As for the Playbooks, they are as follows: The Chosen: The chosen one, with a special destiny and power to back it up.Example: Buffy (BTVS) The Expert: A scholar who much about monsters and magic and can be a skilled mentor.On a 6 you fail the roll or succeed at a hefty price and the Keeper can put a hard move on you to represent the consequences of your failure. Either you get a reduced effect related to a complete success or you have a complication that occurs in the attempt.A 10 after modifiers is a qualified success and you get the result that is intended.The balance was that you could only earn XP using that attribute only once a scene.In 2nd edition they made the game more in line with other Apocalypse world games.

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Unless the group wants to go all Monsterous and "Drak Pack", I'ed perfer a diverse group over one that follows a single trope.The player characters will be hunters/investigators seeking to unravel various mysteries that occur in the region of Yorkton Saskatchewan, a city of roughly 16,000 people in the midwest of Canada.For this game I am leaving it open to what kind of hunter group you want to play.Without the proper rituals, eventually the magical wards began to strain and the power of the Convergance became more further known to the world at large.This in turn has attracted supernatural powers benign and sinister to this region over the years, seeking to use the power of the Convergance to further their own goals.

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