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The largest Lutheran denomination is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, followed by the Lutheran Church and the Missouri Synod.

The differences between the separate denominations stem from historical and cultural factors as well as some minor theological differences.

Miller (date unknown), The Last Cup of Coffee (1993), and Poison - A True Story (2002).

Primarily he worked with other artists, such as Doug Chafey and Bill Webb, but he sometimes did his own artwork.

Evangelicalism Approximately 40 percent of Christians in the USA are part of the Evangelical Church.

It is a protestant Christian movement that has the key beliefs of a need for personal conversion (being born again), some expression of the Gospel in effort, high respect for the authority of the Bible as well as putting an emphasis on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Within mainline Protestantism there are several denominations including Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist and Lutheran churches.

While their values and beliefs differ in many ways between the sub-denominations there are some similarities.

Baptists have existed in the USA since the early seventh century and it is estimated that approximately 70 percent of the global population of Baptists reside in the USA.

Their beliefs are considerably different to many other popular Christian churches, in particular they reject the view that God is a trinity of three separate beings and instead believe there is just one substance. Latter Day Saints are also referred to as Mormons, and they view faith in Jesus Christ as the central tenet of their religion.

They are a relatively untraditional branch of Christianity however they still believe in the Christian doctrine of salvation only through Jesus Christ.

After the Korean War, while serving as an optometry officer at the airforce headquarters in Tokyo in 1954, Blocksom became a Christian.

Returning to America, he began preparations to be a missionary in Japan.

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