Chelsea lately dating ted harbert

Not even the cringe-inducing Chevy Chase or Magic Johnson (DUH! Nope, all we got is the delightful Jon Stewart and... So how did Chelsea break through the goyim glass ceiling and not only got a late night talk show, but also kept it?

Well, she's dating Ted Harbert, 20 years her senior, who, as the head of Comcast, runs E!

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She also found success in creating the mocumentary series —which was based on Handler memoir—premiered, featuring Laura Prepon as an exaggerated version of Handler.While working as a waitress, Handler turned to stand-up comedy.She landed some television work and then turned to writing, hitting the best-sellers list in 2005. Not Craig Ferguson, or Jimmy Fallon, or Carson Daly.Not even cable hosts (other than the the delightful Jon Stewart): Stephen Colbert, George Lopez, or Bill Maher (well, he doesn't really consider himself Jewish). Chelsea is half Jewish and half Mormon, but was raised Jewish. well, we do have the delightful Jon Stewart, of course.

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