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Le Mac O'Dhuinn an airm aigh, Do'm b'e gu'n torchradh an torc, Geillear roimhe, bu dh'fhoill Fhinn, Is e esan a rinn do lochd.Fear fa tharladh an gaol, Mac O'Dhuinn grdh nan sgoil, Ach so an sgeul fa tursach mnathan, Gabhar leis do laimh an torc.Diongal do laoch na Feinn Do chuireadh e as a chnoc An seann torc Sithe bu ghairbhe, Do fhac ballardaich na h-alla-muic.Suidhidh Fionn is deirge dreach, Fa Bheinn Ghulbainn ghlais an t-seilg Do frith dh'imich leis an torc, Mr an t-olc a rinn a shealg.It contains a series of obits of important men, most of them chiefs and other men of note of the clan Gregor, and there are among the poetical pieces of a date later than the Ossianic, numerous songs in praise of that clan.

It is the poem usually called "Bs Dhiarmaid", or The Death of Diarmad.An gleann so fa Bheinn Ghulbainn ghuirm, Is ailllidh tulcha fo'n ghrin, Na sruthana a ruith gu dearg, An deigh shealg o Fhionn na Feinn.Eisdibh beag mar dh'fhalbh laoch, A chuideachd chaoimh so uam, Air Bheinn Ghulbainn 'us air Fionn fial, 'Us air M'O'Dhuinn, sgeul truagh: Gur le Fionn fa truagh an t-sealg Air Mhac O'Dhuinn a's deirge lith, Dhol do Bheinn Ghulbainn do shealg An tuirc nach faodainn airm dhith.was transcribed by the late Mr Ewan M'Lachlan of Aberdeen, an admirable Gaelic scholar.But no attempt was made to transfer its contents into modern Gaelic, or to interpret them, save in the case of a few fragments which were transferred and interpreted by Dr Smith for the Highland Society. The volume is full of interest, as presenting a view of the native literature of the Highlands in the 15th and 16th centuries, while it contains productions of a much earlier age.

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