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In the most basic form, Chatbots, also known as chatterbots, interact with humans on closed domains via written text.

The user may ask simple questions or give simple commands like “Give me a news update”, which the Chatbot scans for keywords and possibly matches these with its dataset.

Chatbots are not a particularly new phenomenon to this world.

They are in essence nothing more than a programmed input-output system.

For more details about the ideas and concepts behind Chatter Bot see the The language independent design of Chatter Bot allows it to be trained to speak any language.

It is the task to find out on what end the computeroperates.

The Chatbot is supposed to be programmed to convince you that he is a real person. According to Turing, if it is not possible to detect in the conversation with an invisible opposite whether the opposite is a human or a machine than one needs to assign a spirit to the opposite even if the opposite is a machine.

Numerous developers challenged each other to create more and more intelligent, “human-like” Chatbots.

In 2001, AOL experimented with commercial Chatbots and released a system called was able to give information about the weather, the cinema program and the latest news.

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