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She introduced her beau to her parents over the Fourth of July Weekend.Later that month, Benji brought Diaz to sister-in-law Nicole Richie's party celebrating the premiere of her new VH1 show .So, anyway, yeah: At this point I legit don't know anything else about Cameron Diaz except that I don't really want to know anything else about Cameron Diaz. Online]" data-reactid="12"There's a weird psychological game of chicken played by many, many naturally attractive people in Hollywood: Just how unappetizing can they look or behave and still be incredibly sought-after?Usually that just means hunks foregoing showers for days on end or ladies hiring Rachel Zoe to style them, but what happens when an attractive person tries TOO hard to subvert their own beauty and becomes known for being just kinda gross and unappetizing always?), so click on over there if you want to read yet another vague, baffling endorsement of the belief system that is sweeping a nation. That's right, progeny of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, celebrated her birthday like any child of famous people should, at the "upscale, celeb-beloved sushi eatery Nobu Next Door." Us Weekly's report doesn't specify what variety of sashimi or specialty rolls Suri ordered, but I'm guessing cuttlefish, eel, and seabream. "The mother-and-daughter pair was joined by loved ones as Suri was presented with a dessert topped with a candle." But WHAT dessert was it? Sure, Franzese maybe overstates things when he refers to Damian as "an iconic character" and his letter gets pretty dark when he blames Damian for "ruining" his career and personal life for several years, but still.

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Not sure how this is newsworthy considering the pair have an 8-year-old son and 6-year-old twins, but still.

Cameron Diaz has given a rare interview about married life with Benji Madden, admitting that she "just knew" that he would be her husband as soon as they met.

The actress has also opened up about their intimate wedding, which took place at their Beverly Hills home after a whirlwind seven month relationship.

First there was Cameron Diaz's The Body Book, in which the multi-millionaire deigned to give common women advice about their bodies, including a chapter in which she got very bossy about how women should or should not groom intimate areas. Online that her pits are as raw as nature intended them: "I don't believe in antiperspirant. I haven't used it for almost 20 years." That's right, not since The Mask has Cameron Diaz sought to mask her body odors.

And lest you think she's merely talking about female armpits, think again, fellas: "Let it go and just trim your armpit hair so it doesn't hold onto the scent." Oh, is that all it takes?

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