Brad womack dating again 2016

He was good-looking, an airline pilot, emotional, sweet and had great manners. When he snagged the role of Bachelor he ended up choosing one of the most controversial and despised women on the show as his fiancee -- Vienna Girardi.

Their relationship ended in an explosive fight at the "After the Final Rose" and Pavelka went on to pursue his entertainment career, starring first on "Dancing With the Stars," then moving onto three other reality shows.

He is 44 years old now and in this age as well, The Bachelor contestant is still not married.

Jason Mesnick: These days the Seattle-based Bachelor is a happy father of two, but when he starred on the show he infuriated members of the audience when he dumped his winner Melissa Rycroft on live television and told her he was actually in love with runner up, Molly Malaney. You told Melissa you loved her, you put a ring on her finger, but you don't want to fight for her." Mesnick stammered a couple sentences before she called him a bastard, gave him the ring back and left the stage.

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unique among the brave souls who attempt to find love on live television.

After his consistent working in oil fields, he joined his twin brother, Chad for bartending and by eight months, he had saved enough money to start his first drinking business in 2001, at just age, 28.

Since then, their business has always been a success.

Host Chris Harrison then brought Malaney onstage so Mesnick could make a heartfelt plea for her hand in marriage.

She accepted and they've been happily married since 2010.2.

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