Book dating revelation

However hopeful preterism is does not make it true, though.

If Revelation is inadvertently dated after the events it prophesies as future, the way is opened to a radical misconstruing of its message.

) and “drawing all men” to Christ (John ), then the Church can confidently seek to bring “every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (2 Cor.10:5).

We also noted in the beginning of our inquiry that a serious confusion as to the nature and message of Revelation is partly responsible for the cultural defeatism and retreatist pietism so influential in twentieth century Christianity.

His arguments are convincing, and from my perspective fairly exciting. My hope is that the debate will be renewed with vigor and care, for the matter is more than a merely academic or intellectual exercise; it has ramifications in the area of practical Christianity.

I was never happy with the Anglo-American dispensational interpretations of Revelation – especially as they seemed to think that suffering was only significant for biblical prophecy when it would take place in the USA. The resolution of the question of the dating of Revelation has far-reaching practical implications for the average Christian.

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