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You can choose which pre-existing List you would like to add that spot to, or you can create a new List on the fly.

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For those seeking a different type of thrill, you can discover the best a city has to offer by exploring featured Lists.If you’re feeling adventurous and want to create a List to share with all your friends, we’ve got you covered on the web and your i Phone or Android device.To create a List from the web, simply sign in, look for your spots via the universal search field in the site header, and click the “List” button (found next to the “Love” button).We plan to provide an easy way to export your Passport data, your Stamp and Pin data (along with your legacy Item data), and your photos as well. As we move forward, we hope some of the inspiration behind Gowalla — a fun and beautiful way to share your journey on the go — will live on at Facebook.We’re so very grateful for the support of our community, our investors, our families, and, of course, the City of Austin as well.

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