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Many American landscape architects have been inspired to create groundbreaking new after studying Japanese gardens, and this week-long trip will afford participants the opportunity to take behind-the-scenes tours of fourteen historic gardens, with opportunities to study alongside professional Japanese gardeners.

This is the first installment in a series examining street harassment in Philadelphia.

She drove away, and five blocks later when she parked, the same man approached her passenger side window. So Caitlin put the car in drive again and started booking it through South Philly, simultaneously dialing 9-1-1, blowing full-speed through stop signs and looking in the rearview mirror to see the man driving behind her still, all the while thinking: “This is it. And she hasn’t forgotten the man who reached up her skirt on Pine Street last year.

This is how I’m out.” Caitlin, a 22-year-old who requested Billy Penn withhold her last name, made it to Broad and Washington and lost the guy. Or the man running by in Fishtown just last month who slapped her on the ass. “Now the line between a thoughtless idiot on the street and someone pathological has become a lot thinner,” Caitlin said.

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She said street harassment is largely a “symptom of sexism, racism and homophobia.” But harassment that doesn’t turn especially violent doesn’t often grab headlines.

I haven’t really covered too many events there and it was very spacious, lit well and had a nice cocktail area right outside the larger room. The board president of the GALAEI and named one of 40 people named Delaware Valley’s Most Influential Latinos by the Philadelphia Multicultural Congress and Impacto Latino Magazine, and Adriana Rivera, Raices Latina Pride Philadelphia Robert Metzger, Kevin Barry, Mark Segal, founder & publisher of the Philadelphia Gay News (when I was a kid that’s how my mom found out I was gay, she found a bunch of them in my desk drawer while I was away at college, opps, [hm why was she looking in my desk drawer in the first place? Dan just participated in Weigh It Forward, a charity weight loss. Here’s an article on it in the PGN Adriana “Andi” Rivera Having recognized the need to have increased visibility for Latino LGBT communities, Andi took the initiative to organize what has since become Raices Latino Pride Philly.

Raices is comprised of 12 Latino LGBT community leaders and has a mission to promote, educate, enrich, empower, unite, represent, and celebrate the LGBT Latino heritage.

Amber Hikes, John Moeller, Executive Director of DVLF and Morgan Levine.

Amber and Mogan are co-producers of The Stimulus Party, a diverse and popular monthly women’s party in Philadelphia.

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