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I chose to date Mc Murphy first, an Irish rogue who is listed in the wiki (don’t look surprised, everything has a wiki now) as being a six year old cross-breed with green eyes. As I said before, the delightfully uncomfortable thing.Seriously, it is weird to think that you’re ‘romancing’ a cat.That was something I wasn’t ever quite able to get past until the ending of the first chapter, giggling my way through the entire situation.Videogames can make us do some ridiculous things, and .

You will be Professor Pawpur’s new apprentice - but don’t worry, he’s human. Think of the movie “Super Troopers” and their meow game times ten.After being seemingly attacked by the cats in the forbidden area, you wake to find that you are now apparently cursed. Though I will say that it was an adorable twist that I quite liked, and it serves as a wonderful tool to give the game a slight level of urgency as, because of the curse, you’re kind of on a timer to find a cure.Though it doesn’t seem that you can cure yourself on the first attempt, as you are limited to how many times you can do certain task such as: rest, romance, research, or recon.You can only romance five times, while research and recon are three times each.You can probably rest as much as you want, though, which may be useful as you might find more things to recon or research when doing resting activities. It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable, and this game made me quite delightfully uncomfortable. Murph is absolutely adorable, playful and fun, and spending time with him means you get to drink a lot and play around - innocently. Though there is a fair amount of nudity - the cats don’t wear clothes. Joking aside, I honestly wasn’t sure this game would work when I first heard of it, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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