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So a US website with UK visitors ought to be asking for consent from those UK visitors according to the UK legislation.

A lot of this data is gathered without any user awareness, and more and more companies are learning to exploit the value of that data. Some people have tried to declare it dead, at least in the UK, but this is mis-information.

Cookies enable websites to gather data about visitors and users.

The intent behind the law is to increase the options available for consumers to protect their data privacy.

However cookies that help to give a personalised experience, or enable you to gather visitor data about site visits, are not 'strictly necessary', even if they are very useful.

A very useful source of guidance on this topic is an opinion produced by the Article 29 Working Party - a leading EU body. Each state within the EU has to bring its laws in line with the EU Directive, however how they choose to do this is their responsibility.

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