Asian rake dating 101

But before I get into the meat of this post I have a little anecdote for ya: Back in my dating days, I was with a Chinese-American dude, let's call him "John." He was the so-called "good on paper" type: attractive, owned his car and home, all that good stuff.

John told me that he only dated black women, loved Marvin Gaye and black culture, but didn't seem to be the "I'm SSSSSOOO into black pop culture and need a black woman to prove my credibility! During a date, we were having a conversation about television and movies.

I know it's a topic we try not to think about when it comes to IR dating, but I think there are some red flags you should look out for.

Because when there may be times you'll need an ally and if a guy is doing any of the shit below, I would rethink that relationship.

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So that's why I've decided to make this another Run! post and why this on is specifically in situations involving race.This is actually the most difficult blog post I've written. But I started writing this blog post two months ago.I had so many ideas and emotions running through my heads, and ended up stopping and starting way too many times.Could an Asian man really understand where I was coming from and what it mean to be with a black woman? I met other dudes who had the same mindset like John, but also found out that there were plenty other Asian men that didn't feel the same way (including Shen).Would he be there for me when I came face-to-face with a race related issue? I see so many Asian men who claim to love black woman and want to be with them, and this makes many black women happy.

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