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But I don’t bother because, relatively speaking, even the cute gringas seem ugly.

On the flip side, even the ugly Argentine girls are cute. The quality ones are projects that take at least a week to crack if you even got a shot.

It’d be silly to wait until 2AM to start talking to girls. If you are a shy guy and have no intention of approaching, don’t come to Argentina.

Turns out it is very easy to talk to Argentine girls, but hard to escalate.

Don’t look for it, don’t expect it, and don’t wait for it.

It is a very poor indicator of interest in Argentina.

I originally planned to stay in Cordoba for four nights, but I’ve been here for three weeks, and the only reason I’m leaving soon is because a buddy of mine is flying into Buenos Aires.

Two weeks later, after going out most nights with a pack of almost a dozen gringos as motivated as I am, one of the last conversations we had was the smoothest way to take a girl to a love hotel. It’s similar to how you work out harder when you have a buddy standing over you on the bench calling you a pussy for not being able to push the bar up. While one night stands happen, they are much less common than in the U. Lesson 2: Know where at least one love hotel is located. Going rate for a mostly decent room is - for a two hour go.

Lesson 10: Leave your ego, pride, shame, and humiliation at home.

It’s hard, and while I’m not completely sure if it’s worth it or not, you will not get anything if you are used to playing it cool and letting girls do the work.

Lesson 9: Get ready for the head turn when you go in for the kiss. They make you put in a ridiculous amount of work for something that is so minor back home.

But once you kiss them it’s like a light switch goes off: they instantly get more affectionate and warm.

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