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Google Results from Past Year: 180,000 She’s a surfer, which means she gets photographed wet and in swimwear a lot.She also has blonde hair, which makes her a bikini model as well. Google Results from Past Year: 195,000 2013 has been good to Maria, who has been at her game since 2002 in which she won the girl’s gold in International competition.Gulbis is known for being incredibly hot and also golfing professionally.

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As is our annual tradition, we look back on the year to give everyone a fairly comprehensive overview of which female athletes were at the forefront of the public consciousness.Also, she plays tennis and is Russian, just like damn near every other entry on this list.Google Results from Past Year: 55,900 A four time Olympic beach volleyball player for Italy, she has definitely made her mark on the program, but she also appeared nude several times in Italian magazines, which explains why an Italian volleyball player shows up here.First African American to take down the gold in individual.And she was born in ’95, which means that even in the short-lived careers of gymnastics, we can expect to see her continue to make waves.

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