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Officer Nikki Banks, played by the lovely Agnes Bruckner, is a tough cop trying to keep the peace during the town’s crisis, while also protecting her ex-girlfriend, Julie.

Agnes was gracious enough to answer some questions about ), did you watch that at all to prepare for your role? I didn’t see it before I auditioned, but then after I got [the part of Nikki] I watched the French version. AE: I know [] is such a different take on the traditional zombie story, but I was wondering if you looked to that genre at all for inspiration?

Before leaving the condo, Fritz sees Carl counting lots of money.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re kissing a girl, guy, whatever- I was still nervous, but she was a really good sport about it.

Tarantino has tried, despite box office success, somewhat in vain in this regard for years.

Movies such as Magnolia have come along and disappointed and perhaps the only film in recent years to truly excel in this style was Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's '21 grams'.

Can you give us any hints as to what’s in store for them next? I think people are going to be able to see inside Nikki’s character more.

She’s kind of this tough cop, you know- she’s interrogating people and she’s really hard core, but then when it comes to Julie she’s a lot more vulnerable, she’s a lot more sensitive.

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