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The average number of children per woman was 4.6 in 1971, 2.9 in 1996 (Kulczycki & Saxena, 1999), and is currently estimated at 1.9 (Central Administration for Statistics, 2012), which is slightly below replacement level (2.1).

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In its short history, Lebanon has experienced periods of growth and brilliance as well as war and political instabilities.Population growth in Lebanon is expected to be among the lowest in the Arab region in the first half of the 21st century, at less than 1% per year, though the average growth rate is expected to be 2.6% and 3.8% for those 65 and 80 , respectively (Saxena, 2008).In the last 40 years, the total fertility rate for the nation has decreased rapidly.The demographic shifts Lebanon experienced over the last few decades indicate that it is a rapidly aging country.Population aging is best explained according to three key transitions: decreased fertility rates, longer life expectancy, and high rates of out-migration.

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